The Heroine is a timeless and sophisticated nod to Fever and state history. Inspired by Lady Victory, the jerseys include the ribbon detail from the globe at her feet. It’s the first time the Fever have worn white since 2014 and the details align with the victory, light and justice embodied by the team.

  • Heroine
  • Explorer
  • Rebel


Fever reappears on the chest of the jersey with piping along the neckline in the three team colors. The ribbon detail inspired by Lady Victory, includes nineteen stars representing the number of stars on the Indiana State flag and one red star denoting the 2012 Championship.

The Chest Includes a 25th Anniversary logo celebrating the WNBA’s success throughout the years. The shorts incorporate the Fever emblem on the belt and the secondary logo along the side. The star and ribbon feature continues down the shorts and curls to the back, creating an elegant detail.

White is classic. I remember seeing Tamika wear the white Fever jerseys.

This feels like history in the making.

-Teaira Mccowan