#NGWSD: Women In Sports Media Q&A

In honor of the 30th annual Women and Girls in Sports Day, Fever head coach Stephanie White joined Doug Feinberg of the Associated Press for a Twitter Q&A to discuss ‘Women in Sports Media’.

What are you most excited about for this WNBA Season?

Was it hard transitioning from player to coach?

Do you have a sports hero?

What’s your favorite WNBA arena to be a visitor in?

Every athlete at any level has that ONE thing they couldn’t overcome…What was yours?

What is it like coaching champions?

With Becky Hammon’s success moving from the WNBA to NBA would you ever consider a jump if given the opportunity?

What was your favorite game to play in not named Mackey Arena or Seeger High School?

What’s your favorite part of being a coach in the WNBA?

How has the WNBA changed the landscape of girls basketball at the youth level now vs. your youth league (before the league’s inception)?

What are your thoughts on the new playoff rules, especially 3rd and 4th seed single elimination rounds?

What traits/experience do you think a WNBA president should have?

How do you define success at the end of a long day?

Is there a rule (or rules) that could be implemented in the WNBA to make the sport “better”?

What jumps off the page to you as the WNBA enters its 20th season?

What is the best piece of advice (career or other) that you have received?

What is your best memory as a player in the NCAA or WNBA?