Jim Morris Receives Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award

On Wednesday afternoon, in front of the entire Pacers Sports & Entertainment staff, PS&E vice chairman Jim Morris was presented with the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, recognizing Morris’ tireless devotion to volunteer and community service work.

The award was presented to Morris by Max Finberg, who was appointed by President Obama as the Director of AmeriCorp VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America).

Receiving the award recognizes that Morris has completed over 4,000 hours of service during the course of his lifetime, much of which has been spent improving life for fellow Hoosiers, as well as the lives of people in communities around the world.

Morris has an extensive history in community service. From 2002-07, he served as the executive director of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), the world’s largest humanitarian agency. Morris has been an integral part of PS&E since 2007 and was named vice chairman in September of 2014.

In October, Morris was recognized with the 2015 Mitch Daniels Leadership Prize. It was yet another recognition of his civic leadership and efforts to battle hunger around the globe.