Fever Overseas: Natalie Achonwa

Natalie Achonwa has been a force to be reckoned with this offseason. Achonwa is currently playing overseas in South Korea for Woori Bank Wibee and has led them to the top spot in the WKBL. We caught up with Natalie to see what life overseas is really like.

Q: What is an average travel day like?

A: One of the advantages of playing in South Korea is that all of the teams are pretty close together so we never have to fly anywhere. The furthest we travel is a 2 hour drive.

Q: What is the time difference like and what is the biggest obstacle it presents?

A: The time difference is always a challenge when playing overseas and trying to connect with friends and family back home. In South Korea, I am 14 hours ahead of EST. Which means, most of the time when I’m getting ready for bed, my people back home are just starting their day. It definitely gets difficult, but sometimes you have to prioritize getting the necessary rest and recovery to do your job effectively.

Natalie Achonwa and Aston
While she is overseas, Natalie Achonwa uses FaceTime to talk to her puppy, Aston.

Q: Congratulations on once again making the WKBL All-Star team! What was that experience like?

A: I always feel honored being recognized and being apart of an All-Star game. Especially this year, being voted #1 was really special to me. Overall, it was a lot of fun to hangout with some of the other players in a more relaxed, fun environment. The WKBL does a great job of creating the ultimate player-fan experience.

Natalie Achonwa
Achonwa and her fiancé, Mario, after the All-Star game.

Q: What aspect of your game have you improved the most so far during the offseason?

A: I have been working on my footwork and being more of an offensive threat. Whether that’s hitting the open jumper or attacking the basket and finishing at the rim, I’ve been focusing on being harder to guard.

Q: Netflix seems to be a must for a lot of athletes overseas. What is your go-to binge watching show?

A: Currently I am watching “Blacklist” and “She’s Gotta Have It”.

Natalie Achonwa
On cold days, Achonwa likes to cuddle up and watch Netflix while drinking hot chocolate.

Q: What is the best movie you have seen recently?

A: I normally don’t like sci-fi/supernatural shows, but I just watched “Bright” and thought it was so good!