Chief for a Day

On Wednesday, November 2, recently retired Fever star Tamika Catchings, Briann January, and other PS&E staff members participated in a program called Chief for a Day.

Led by Indianapolis Chief of Police Troy Riggs, Chief for a Day allows people to learn some of the training procedures that officers do. It offers a virtual simulation training and “Don’t Shoot, Shoot/Action vs. Reaction” exercise that gives participants the chance to engage with a “citizen” that has been pulled over on a traffic stop. When the driver exits the vehicle and pulls his hands out of his pockets, participants have less than a second to make the same judgement an officer must make on the streets.

The four-hour session involved interaction and discussion, and gave Fever players and staffers the opportunity to learn some of what law enforcement officials deal with on the streets. It provided them the chance to learn, engage with community leaders and continue the conversations about equality and civic responsibility.

This exercise serves as a terrific example that Fever players, and representatives of Pacers Sports & Entertainment, are involved and will continue to be involved for the betterment of the community.

For those interested, you can join IMPD Chief Troy Riggs and his leadership team for an interactive and engaging conversation regarding issues our city faces with public safety at the next Chief for a Day event on Wednesday, November 16. Sign up here »»

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