My First HoopMy First Hoop

Every journey has a beginning

For a professional basketball player, the journey begins with something simple… with a hoop.

Watch below each member of the 2018 Indiana Fever tells the story of her first hoop and how she got in the game!

Shenise Johnson
#42 — Guard

Growing up in Rochester, New York, Shenise Johnson never backed down from a challenge on the court.

Kayla Alexander
#40 — Center

Growing up, Kayla Alexander watched Becky Hammon and Lisa Leslie play in the WNBA and she fell in love with the game. In this episode of My First Hoop, Kayla explains why it is important for women to have representation in sports.

Victoria Vivians
#35 — Guard

In this episode of My First Hoop, Victoria Vivians reflects on the first hoop she played on, growing up in a basketball town, and gives advice to young girls who hope to play in the WNBA.

Kelsey Mitchell
#0 — Guard

Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kelsey Mitchell endured some epic battles with her siblings on a mini hoop. Those battles helped Kelsey develop her love for the game. Learn more about Kelsey in this episode of My First Hoop.

Stephanie Mavunga
#23 — Forward

Indiana native Stephanie Mavunga almost gave up on basketball after her first year playing. But after watching her big brother excel in the sport, Mavunga decided to give basketball another chance.

Candice Dupree
#4 — Forward

Candice Dupree reminisces about her first hoop and when he realized she could play professional basketball.

Erica Wheeler
#17 — Guard

The first hoop that Erica Wheeler had to shoot on was a crate nailed to a tree. In this episode of My First Hoop, Wheeler discusses how she fell in love with the game and how important it is as leader to set the foundation for young girls who dream of playing in the WNBA.

Natalie Achonwa
#11 — Center

Natalie Achonwa fell in love with the game of basketball by chance. Achonwa tells the story of her first game ever, how she became a pro, and what it means to have a professional league for women.

Pokey Chatman
Head Coach / GM

In this edition of “My First Hoop,” Pokey Chatman reflects on playing on a sand basketball court and talks about the importance of the WNBA for young girls and boys.