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Community Ticket Program

Learn how you can request Community Tickets for your groups. Please note, not all groups will qualify for donated tickets; however, you can still save with a group of 10 or more. Visit FeverGroups.com for more.

Fever Cares Fund Ticket Program —

Kids love going to a professional sports event. For many of our kids, at risk or not, they might never get a chance to see the Fever in action. A night out with a chaperone and a group of friends lets them see on-court athletic achievement. And it might just turn out to be instructive about the benefits of determination and perseverance. All we know is that the kids have fun and laugh and let us into their lives for a night. And for us, that’s a good start.

Fever Cares Fund Ticket Program Policies:

  • Please understand that we receive more requests than we have tickets available. As a result, though you may apply, there is a chance that you may not receive tickets. Application for tickets does not guarantee that you will receive them.
  • Assignments will only be made from the official online request form.
  • Donated tickets for Fever games will be provided to the group’s main contact online through My Indiana Fever Account Manager. Tickets can then be managed through My Indiana Fever Account Manager to print or forward via email for distribution. Click Here for your tutorial on using My Indiana Fever Account Manager. Customers can access via FeverBasketball.com/MyAccount.
  • Each game the group is granted tickets for the main contact will receive an email indicating when tickets have been loaded into their account and tickets are available to print and/or transfer.
  • You must include your non-profit organization’s Tax ID# on the form in order to be considered for a ticket donation. Forms without this information or with invalid numbers will not be accepted.
  • Game assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. The earlier we receive your completed request form, the better your chances of receiving tickets this season. However, please note that a number of factors come into play such as which games you request and the number of tickets donated for that game. Please understand that we cannot guarantee that you will receive tickets.
  • The volume of requests received prohibits us from reserving games over the telephone or from verifying receipt of your request. In addition, if we are unable to meet your specific request, it is our policy to assign the next available game. Please no phone calls.
  • Last minute cancellations may occur and if you are able to accept a block of tickets on short notice (24 hours or less) please check the appropriate box on the request form.
  • Wheelchair and limited mobility seating quantities must be designated on the enclosed form. Due to the limited number of this type of seating, we ask that you keep this kind of ticket request at ten (10) or below. This will be the maximum number of this type of seat mailed to your organization.
  • Requests will not be accepted on behalf of third party organizations. All tickets must be requested by the organization that intends to use the tickets.
  • For groups looking for more tickets than we are able to donate, please contact the Fever Service Line at (317) 917-2528.
  • Any misuse of Fever Cares Fund Ticket Program tickets (selling, scalping, etc.) will result in your group being terminated from this program and can result in arrest.

Our Fever Cares Fund Ticket Program is open to all non-profit organizations. To request complimentary tickets through this program, you must provide your Tax ID #. If you have any questions, please contact the Fever Community Relations Department at (317) 917-2500.

Please fill out the form below to submit your request:

For more information, visit Frequently Asked Questions.

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